STARK Holland produces container handling systems: portal systems and hook lift systems.
They deliver these to truck builders and/or carrier builders. The systems are delivered as a complete kit with hydraulics and controls.

Portal systems and hook lift systems are made of high-strength steel, giving these systems a low deadweight and resulting in additional loading capacity. High-quality hydraulic and electrical components are also used in the portal and hook lift systems.
The systems were developed by experienced users to make safe, strong, reliable and low-maintenance tools. STARK Holland is the Netherlands’ manufacturer and a subsidiary of Dulasta Metaalbewerking.

Stark Holland

is part of Dulasta Metaalbewerking

Burgemeester Niemijerstraat 2

T. 0522-46 11 03
F. 0522-46 10 99
M. 06-58981442


These systems are produced by Dulasta Metaalbewerking BV

Dutch Manufacturer!

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