Hook Lift Systems

The STARK hook lift system is a durable, multifunctional container handling system for various transport options. A reliable lightweight system through the use of high-quality materials and components. The systems were developed in close collaboration with experienced users and are therefore very user-friendly and low-maintenance. Great ease of use thanks to safe, simple controls. The STARK hook lift systems guarantee optimal application of your vehicle.

Some of the many strengths of the STARK hook lift system:

  • Top-brand hydraulic and electrical components
  • Robust pivot points with large bearing surfaces
  • Heavily loaded parts made of high-strength steel
  • Low mounting height, allowing for more loading capacity and stability
  • Speedy service with parts in stock in the Netherlands

Ease of use

  • High working speed with standard fast move function
  • Fitted with container support rollers to limit friction, wear and tear and noise levels
  • Standard adjustable hook height with an easily detachable lifting hook with a safety lock
  • Solid container lock, universal for interior or exterior lock


  • Safety indications
  • Built-in operating security mechanisms

Ease of body mounting for your vehicle

  • Delivered from factory including universal mounting holes
  • Comes with fixed or remote controls




Dutch Manufacturer!

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